How To: Search in MDCalc iOS

The MDCalc app allows you to search using almost any search term you want. You can search by calculator name or partial name, or even use common medical abbreviations to find and discover calculators.

As you’re searching, lists of tags will start to appear below your search term.

Here’s a simple search that you can perform:
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How To: Change Your Specialty and Opening Tab in MDCalc iOS

Did you change specialities, or find another that might fit with your practice pattern better? Perfect! Let’s update your Speciality setting in the app, and a different list of equations will appear in your “My Specialty” tab.  To do this,

  1. Go to Settings from the List Screen.
  2. Select “Specialty” and change to any other specialty from the list.
  3. The “My Specialty” tab will now display a new list of equations specific to the new speciality.

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