How To: Change Units in MDCalc iOS

Most of us stick to the units we work with every day — in the US where we develop MDCalc, that’s US units — also known as |||. Almost everywhere else in the world, you use the frequently-more-sensible “SI Units,” short for the French Système International. (Fun fact: the Système International regulates units these units measure and decides just how much a kilogram weighs. And even more fun: the weights that SI used to use lost some of their weight over 100 years, so it’s now defined by a certain number of atoms.)

But I digress.

To change your units in the app:

  1. Go to Settings from the List view.
  2. Tap the units you’d like to use.

“But wait, I want to use kilograms in the US!” you say. No worries. Just like on the website, the three units of measure that are often used interchangeably can be changed manually by tapping on the unit itself. These are:

  • weight (pounds ⇄ kilograms)
  • height (feet/inches ⇄ centimenters)
  • temperature (Fahrenheit ⇄ Celcius)

When you tap these, the number you enter will automatically convert to that number in the other unit.

For the visual learners out there: