How To: Reload Calculators in MDCalc iOS

It’s often a pain to be continually downloading a huge new app to your phone: you have to download the app, sync your phone, and often pay data fees. Since we’re constantly updating the site with more calculators and new content, we designed a system that will just download the new calculators and content to your app without having to download the entire app itself.

This should all happen automagically for you in the background — the app will check for new equations, and if it finds any, it’ll download them for you, as long as you have Wifi or cell signal.

If for some reason you’re having an error with any of your equations, you can always manually refresh all the calculators, by tapping the “Reload Calculators” button at the bottom of the settings screen. (If we did a good job, you’ll never need to use this button, but just in case, we wanted to include it.)