Tricks Up our New Website’s Sleeve: Version 3.1 is Here!

After a lot of hard work from MDCalc’s development team, we released Version 3.0 of in January and just this past weekend we launched a few updates with Version 3.1. The new site offers a lot of great new features and customization that make using MDCalc even easier. Let’s jump into it!


You can view lists of calculators in a few different ways – Most Popular, Recents, Favorites, My Specialty, All, and Newest. You can login (or register!) to save Recents, Favorites and My Specialty. These automatically sync with the app!

Tip: Change your specialty by going to settings (top right corner of the page).


You can use search to quickly find a tool or advanced search when you aren’t exactly sure which tool to use. Advanced Search allows you to narrow down our growing list of calculators to a few that are related to your needs. Try filtering by Disease, Specialty, Chief Complaint, Organ System, and Calc Function.

Tip: Need access to tools for more than one specialty? Use Advanced Search to view all the tools in a specialty. You can then add the ones that you use most to your favorites for quick access.

Version 3.1 updates: 

  • Redesigned results bar.
    • Try it: Go to any calculator, enter values and see the result.
  • Two height formats for inputs, inch (68) and foot-inch (5’8″).
  • Updatable contact information.
    • Try it: Log in, go to settings and update your information.
  • Multiple creators for a single score.
  • Animated conditional calculators.

New Calculators for 2017: